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Market 2 Ruote, is a motorcycling clothing centre located in the Province of Treviso, in the heart of the Venetian region, near Padua, Vicenza, Treviso and Venice, and is an undisputed reality in the Italian motorcycling panorama.
The owner, Mrs. Lucia, that has been selling motorcycling clothing since 30 years, thanks to her passion for safety added to determination, expertise and warmth, has constantly developed the clothing department in a shop that was born with the selling of bikes.


Market 2 Ruote has thus specialized in clothing, offering the top brands of the trade.

This has been a choice of quality, selecting the suppliers who more heavily invested in technology and safety, beside easy wear and design. A choice involving a proper matching between the various ways of using a motorcycle and the smartest selection of clothing, because if you race on a track you don’t have the same requirements of people riding thousands of miles on the road or simply using his scooter to go to the office.

The magic word are: Listen to the client and Help him to buy what he really needs.

Achoice resulting in the opening, since 2001 of the most complete and equipped Dainese Corner of North-Eastern Italy and in2006 of Spidi and Nolan- XLite Corner.

Market 2 Ruote doubled the shop in 2005 and destinated a big area of the shop to an OUTLET with a big choice of products in special offers.

In the following years Specific Areas has been dedicated to Alpinestars and Clover for the clothing and Givi and Kappa for the accessories.

Moreover You don’t have to forget the Cross section with a big choice of helmets clothing and protections.

Finally during 2014 a new area has been dedicated to the eletronic sector with Intercom, videocameras e Navigators of the best brands

Buy the best of Motorcycle clothing footwear helmets Accessories

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