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Helmet SZ-R VAS Modern Grey

Manufacture: Arai

Helmet Jet Arai SZ-R VAS for motocycle

The color of Helmet is Glossy Grey

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PB-cLc2 external shell
Variable axis System (VAS)
Double ring closing device
Front ventilation:

Upper vent center - intake
Diffuser system
Standard front air inlets
Back ventilation:

Neck exhaust fan
Side exhausts

Patented Air Wing® not adjustable

PRO shadow system (option)
Pinlock insert objective (option)

Antimicrobial lining material
Replaceable cheek pads / ears cups
Replaceable interior
Replaceable chin strap
Speaker pockets
5mm 'Peel Away' ear cups / pillows
'Peel Away' pad Temple 5mm
Water resistant in cheek layers
Removable a spectacle slot

ECE 22-05

PB-CLC2 Shell: Periferically with Belt Complex Laminated Construction of Arai increases the load of force and flexibility, low weight and a low center of gravity. Located in the upper part of the eye, this band is due to the use of an EPS liner thinner that exceeds the visual field upwards. An app for the rigid "mechanically expanded fiber mat", sandwiched between the inner and outer layers of Super fiber-coupled properties, is used to reinforce and bind the following Super fiber layers.

Speaker system: The new speakers are 20mm longer and straightened to improve aerodynamics, in collaboration with the Air Wing to improve stability. Compared to previous speakers, the efficiency of the new speaker vanes has increased by 19%. The new air intakes not only have more possibilities of three-position adjustment; closed, close-up and open everything

Speaker pockets: it is a problem for a speaker is limited or not present, causing unpleasant pressure points. The option is an advantage for each speaker. (Loudspeaker not included).

Antimicrobial lining material: The fully removable inner lining system has been enhanced with new Anti-microbial lining material, which helps to maintain protection levels. With the aim of a softer, deeper and even more comfortable fit we have created a new softer lining material. The new lining also proposed for padding

PRO shadow system (optional): Arai answer to the problem of only glare and fogging of the visor. The PSS offers an efficient combination of easy to lift, lockable single peak, Max Vision vision and efficient Pinlock® inlay lens. PSS offers protection against glare from the sun, without affecting the integrity and strength of the helmet sock that could be caused by sunshade construction. Available for both VAS and SAI visor with system.

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Helmet SZ-R VAS Modern Grey

Helmet SZ-R VAS Modern Grey

Helmet Jet Arai SZ-R VAS for motocycle

The color of Helmet is Glossy Grey

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