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Helmet RX-7 V Evo Replica Isle of Man 2022
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Helmet RX-7 V Evo Replica Isle of Man 2022
Helmet RX-7 V Evo Replica Isle of Man 2022
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Helmet RX-7 V Evo Replica Isle of Man 2022
Helmet RX-7 V Evo Replica Isle of Man 2022

Helmet RX-7 V Evo Replica Isle of Man 2022

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SKU: AR2996T22 / BRAND: Arai

Arai RX-7 V Evo Replica IOM 22

The new RX-7V Evo is homologated according to the new ECE 22.06 regulation. It is the evolution of the Arai RX-7V racing helmet. Arai has applied its most advanced technologies, such as the VAS visor, an advanced ventilation system and FCS internal padding. The concept of R75 Shape which consists in offering an outer shell (external structure) more resistant, more rounded and smoother.

Attention: All helmets displayed with colored or mirrored visors, will always be delivered with a transparent visor!

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Expected delivery date : 27/06/2022

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Features Arai motorcycle helmet

Outer shell: PB-SNC2 (Peripherally Belted Structural Net Composite)

Arai's patented Peripheral Belt, borrowed from our F1 technology, maximizes shell strength and flexibility while maintaining low weight. Positioned along the top of the visor opening, this band allows the use of a thinner EPS liner which greatly improves the field of view upwards - particularly useful in the case of a snug position! The SNC (Structural Net Composite) adds rigidity to the resin in the different layers of fibers and reinforcement materials inside the shell. The resins of the new "Z-Mixture" formulation allow the use of a greater amount of fiber with the same strength and rigidity, allowing us to create an outer shell that is even lighter and thinner, without compromising safety.

Variable Axis System (VAS)
With the VAS system, the position of the visor mechanism is lowered, offering an average of 24mm of extra space in the temple area, in search of an ideal shape as smooth and round as possible that increases the ability to divert energy. This results in a larger portion of the shell being smoother and more durable along and above the Snell standard test line.

Free Flow System (FFS) - Free Flow System
It creates a flow of air inside the helmet that reduces noise and turbulence caused by the passage of air, increasing the extraction of hot air.

Upper central air intake - intake
The system guarantees an 11% higher air flow compared to the previous one. The larger button simplifies opening and closing operations. The system has three positions, closed half-open and fully open, to regulate the flow of air and prevent water from entering when closed.

Diffuser system

The diffusers, 20mm longer and straighter, offer better aerodynamics and, together with the Air Wing system, increase stability. Compared to the previous diffusers, the efficiency of the air intakes increased by 19%. The air intakes not only offer greater adjustment possibilities with three positions, closed, half-open and fully open, but also help to improve the seal to reduce the noise caused by the wind and the ingress of water.

Spoiler in the chin area
It helps to minimize wind noise and favors the extraction of hot air from the face area. It offers an additional system for diverting airborne debris from the neck area.

VAS Max Vision visor with De-Mist function
The VAS MAX Vision visor is standard to offer better visibility in every season and type of driving.

Interior in antibacterial material
They help maintain a neutral acidity level similar to that of human skin and have deodorant properties. For a more comfortable and smoother fit we have developed an even more delicate lining material. The interiors are also equipped with removable micro-padding on the temples and cheeks to further customize the fit.

Replaceable interior
The inner cap can be easily removed. All interiors (even non-removable ones) can be washed with warm water and neutral soap. Rinse well after washing and never dry in direct sunlight or near heat sources. All removable interiors can be customized with different sizes / thicknesses to adapt perfectly to the user's head.

ECE R22-06

It is the most common approval at an international level, required in more than 50 countries around the world.

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Data sheet

ColorReplica IOM 22
Material / CompositionFiber
ApprovalECE 22.05

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