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Airbag Smart Jacket D-air®

Manufacture: Dainese


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Smart Jacket is the true freedom to protect yourself. It adapts to any outfit, can be worn on or under any jacket, it is perfect for any motorcycle and type of rider. It is made in two specific versions, for men and women, each available in 6 different sizes. The highest level of safety, with no limits on road use.

The practicality of Smart Jacket feels worn: it offers the optimal ventilation to face the hottest days, but its advanced technology does not fear rain and atmospheric agents. Once off the bike, it can be easily folded and stored in a bag, trunk or backpack. So you can always bring maximum safety with you.

Ease of use is what makes the Smart Jacket unique. Just worn it is ready to protect. And it does it for over 26 hours without needing to be recharged, thanks to its long-lasting battery. In the event of activation, just bring it to an authorized retailer and the internal Shield can simply be replaced, without complex interventions or long waiting times.

Inside the Smart Jacket is the latest evolution of Dainese D-air® technology, the airbag used by the MotoGP ™ champions and developed over 25 years of road and track research. Thanks to its complex algorithm, it automatically recognizes danger situations and is activated immediately, when needed. It offers the highest level of protection for the rider, in an easy and truly versatile garment.

The Dainese D-air® airbag system protects the back and vital parts of the rider thanks to its Shield, the special patented bag with microfilaments that ensures maximum impact absorption capacity, without the need for rigid protectors. It means having a protection equivalent to that of 7 back protectors, on a larger surface than that covered by a back protector, without having the bulk of a back protector. It's air safety.

The Smart Jacket control unit is a brain that detects and analyzes everything that happens around the rider. Thanks to its 7 sensors it monitors and processes data 1,000 times per second. Its complex algorithm decides to activate the airbag in the event of a slip, unseatment, impact with an object or other vehicle, and rear-end collision. For the first time on an airbag system for the bike, even in the event of an impact when the vehicle is stationary, typical of the stop at intersections. You think of the road, you protect yourself on your way.

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Airbag Smart Jacket D-air®

Airbag Smart Jacket D-air®


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